Project Description

AKC Reunite is a microchipping and lost pet recovery service. As part of a company rebrand strategy, a new website was required utilizing all of the new branded elements that I had created. WordPress was the preferred software to create the website, so after weeks of brainstorming and research, I chose to use the AVADA theme.

The theme choice was fully customizable allowing me to dictate each component to fit within our branding. From styling buttons, designing hero images and utilizing animation, all the way to customizing the layout of each page, the final product was a crisp website that represented all that AKC Reunite is about.

The final look and feel perfectly blended the awareness necessary to stress the importance of registering your pet as well as the emotional feelings people have with their pets. The result is a website that has grown in traffic and revenue since launch and continues to change each day to improve the user experience.

Launch Website