Project Description

Our company, AKC Reunite, was rebranded back in 2013. I was the sole marketing and design team member on our staff at the time. As part of the rebrand, which included everything from pens and pencils to our new logo and website, I designed practically all of the items.

Since 2013, our website and materials have continued to change and grow. Most recently our homepage had a new facelift by creating a grid format at the very top. Since our business sells directly to pet professionals, as well as pet owners, it was important to make sure finding where you needed to go was simple. This new look helped create a pathway for our B2B, B2C, and giving back programs.

In addition to the the recent homepage update, I maintain and create updates and pages for our entire website. Old pages get refreshed with new design styles and I continually come up with different ways to approach the presentation of the content.

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