About admin

I am Mike Pohlman. I have a background in Marketing and Graphic Design and have a passion for all things creative. I take pride in all work that I do and always strive for the absolute best. I have been fortunate to work on a variety of different types of projects ranging from print, web graphics and e-marketing. I always try to stretch my imagination to achieve new designs and broaden my abilities.

Yauhanna Landing – Flyer

Description: This flyer was designed to promote a new community that had gorgeous lots available for custom building.  It really captured the area with a great mixture of color and photography.  It was also one of the first pieces where we used a QR code to add to the marketing.

Instant Info – Flyer

Description: This flyer was an update to an outdated design from years back.  The purpose was for it to be used during listing presentations to promote the different ways consumers can access property information.  This goal was achieved in a professional, yet simple manner, and was a huge improvement over our previous piece.

Christmas Card

Description:  This piece was designed for an insert to one of our associates Christmas cards.  She had the story already selected, but needed an elegant shell to go around it.  I went with a mixture texture, flowers and of  course, candy canes.  The final piece created a very high end and elegant feel and really [...]

Long Term Rentals – Flyer

Description:  This flyer was created for our Long Term Rentals division.  They wanted a piece that would give a brief overview of the company and all that they offer.  This flyer successfully accomplished that with the use of visuals, professional text and clean and simple layout.

Heritage Plantation – Magazine Ad

Description: This ad was designed based on the location of this community.  It is way off the beaten path and is surrounded by trees, lakes and wildlife.  I wanted to capture that feeling and bring it to life in this ad.  It beautifully depicts this community and showcases the wonderful scenery.

Fall Theme – Postcard

Description: The focus for this card was to promote the Myrtle Beach area during the fall.  It went out to property owners out of the area, reminding them of the beautiful weather we still experience during this time of year.  The back verbiage tied it all together and the front visuals really created a cozy [...]

Buy Your Boat a Dream Home – Postcard

Description: This postcard was targeted specifically for boat owners.  It was a high end property one of our associates was listing and the focal point was the location.  The catchy tagline coupled with the beautiful visual created a very calming feel.