Do you have a Social Media strategy that’s working?

Did you know that there are now more than 800 Million active Facebook users, or that 34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter? (Check out these awesome infographics for more stats.)  Social media is a huge part of our personal and professional lives and it is essential that you are a part of it.  Together we can take your brand, business or service and place them on the major social networks with precise, relevant and engaging content that will keep your audience interested in you!

It’s not should you, it’s why aren’t you?

The expectations of consumers constantly grows and things that there were more a “perk” a few years ago are now expected.  Having a presence on social media is one of those things that if you aren’t on there it looks bad on you and if you are it is whether you are utilizing the platform correctly.  I have the insight and understanding of social media practices to get the best bang for your social media buck.  (Which is of course a play on words since “technically” social media is free).

But why can’t I just post myself?

You can, but is anyone reading it?  Did you know that typically less than 20% of your followers on Facebook actually see your post?  Facebook specifically runs off what is called an EDGE ranking system that in laments terms decides how visible your posts are based on various calculations.  Basically the more comments, shares and/or likes your post gets the higher rank you receive and ultimately the higher visibility your post will get.  In order to achieve such a thing your social media needs to provide relevant content that your followers will determine has useful to them, or you might get that dreaded “hide” or even worse…the “unsubscribe”

By using a variation of graphics, articles, community news, videos and maybe a contest or two, I will maintain all your social media platforms to keep them current and relevant.  I will provide you with reports to help determine what your followers enjoy the most and where we might want to re-focus our strategy to assure a high success rate.  So what do you say?  Are you ready to get social?