Company Logo


Logo design is one of the most challenging projects, as it is ultimately your brand of your business. Have you ever seen a poorly designed logo and instantly think the company isn't any good? I probably went through over 40 different ideas for this logo before it was settled on this particular design. Various approaches [...]

New Wave Logo


A newly formed social media group for young realtors wanted a logo to represent their group. The group was formed to help build a social network among aspiring realtors with a clear plan of action; to promote, share and develop conversation through social media on listings and real estate. I wanted to develop a logo [...]



For over a year I developed, wrote, designed and produced an actual board game. The idea came to me one day and I began to do research on how to enter into the gaming industry. I needed to develop a fully functional prototype and then reach to game brokers to review my game. If they [...]