Project Description

This flyer was designed for a pitch to a prospective client, Harbor Frieght Tools, to lease space at Burlington Outlet Village.

I was provided all of the necessary data & market research to include in the flyer. My job was to take all of the data and develop a high-level layout. The primary sign image also took some hefty photoshop work, as the original photo did not include Harbor Frieght Tools on the sign. I had to manipulate the photo and re-organize the sign in order to show Harbor Frieghts on the sign, which gave the flyer an instant attention grabbing image. Aside from adding their name, there was an extra element of work needed to keep the “sun light” appearing accurate throughout the sign.

Overall, the final piece was a heavily Colliers branded and informative flyer. It proved extensive work went into this piece and our strong interest in earning Harbor Freight Tools’ business was evident.