Project Description

Sometimes a Powerpoint presentation just isn’t good enough, so in comes Prezi. For another presentation for Duke University, I wanted to go beyond just the typical slide, click, slide, click style of Powerpoint and open up a whole new world. With Prezi, I have the ability to really tell a story and take the viewer on a journey, rather than simply a pre-determined path. Sometimes Powerpoint is perfect and other times it is restricting.

For such a big presentation, such as Duke University, I wanted to wow the client. Taking data and research given to me by our Marketing Director, I created a story centering around the name Duke. Utilizing this unique software, I applied zooms, turns and pans along with custom graphics, branded colors and excellent data, to really sell Colliers as the premiere company for their business. The final presentation was a success, as the clients were very impressed with the presentation style.