Wedding Montage – Canvas

Description: I designed this for my wife using photos from our wedding.  The idea was to put all of our photos together in a visually interesting design.  The final product was a 24 x 36 canvas that is just a beautiful way to display wedding photos.

Fall Wedding – Invitation

Description: This invite was designed to go with a fall themed wedding.  They provided photography from their engagement photos and I placed them in front of a beautiful fall photograph.  The sparkles and light wrapping around them really worked well for the intimate photo that I used. This look was adapted for a business I [...]

Colonial Wedding – Invitation

Description: This wedding invitation was designed for a wedding taking place in Colonial Williamsburg, so I wanted to make something as elegant as the town.  The color scheme went with the colors of the wedding and the image of the bridge was requested by the couple since that was the location the groom proposed.

Fairy Tale Wedding – Invitation

Description: This invite was designed for my own wedding.  The theme was "A Fairy Tale Wedding" so I incorporated a horse and carriage in the background to embellish the theme.  We wanted very subtle colors on the card for that "dreamy" feeling and to really bring out the colors of the rings.

Walk the Aisle – Save the Date Magnet

Description: This was a specific request of the couple for their save the date.  They wanted their heads added onto the bodies of the actors from the movie "Walk the Line".  I incorporated the same fonts used on the movie poster to finish the effect.