AKC Reunite

AKC Reunite is a microchipping and lost pet recovery service. As part of a company rebrand strategy, a new website was required utilizing all of the new branded elements that I had created. WordPress was the preferred software to create the website, so after weeks of brainstorming and research, I chose to use the AVADA […]

Lips Wall Art

This design of a lips wall art was specifically requested by my wife as a canvas for her closet. Using a scanned image of her lips, I designed a colorful wall hanging to compliment her already girly closet.

Using a combination of colors she personally chose, this playful and fun design was born. The extra kick […]

Covenant Towers Postcard

This postcard for Covenant Towers in Myrtle Beach, SC was created for a colleague at Coldwell Banker Chicora Real Estate. The community is a 55+ retirement community featuring beautiful grounds, full amenities and a wonderful location.

The design choices followed the already established branding of the community but also focused on testimonials of existing residents. The […]

Lost and Found Chaser

This marketing piece is inserted into packets of newly registered dogs to encourage them to enroll in a lost pet recovery service. The full length size is unique and has to fold to a specific sizing as well.

The design followed the new branding I created, but also needed to be modified to make the folding […]

Rivergrand Website

The President at Coldwell Banker Chicora needed a website for a premiere land investment opportunity. It needed to showcase the property, the surrounding area and include important statistics and research. It also needed to be password protected for our documents page which was only available to potential prospects.

This project was time-sensitive, so WordPress would have […]

Company Logo

Logo design is one of the most challenging projects, as it is ultimately your brand of your business. Have you ever seen a poorly designed logo and instantly think the company isn’t any good?

I probably went through over 40 different ideas for this logo before it was settled on this particular design. Various approaches included […]

Microchip Box Design

As part of a re-branding effort, our company redefined all of our materials. From new logo, website, flyers, postcards, boxes…all the way down to new pens.

This particular piece is for a microchip box that gets sent to customers, such as vets and shelters. I designed everything about this box, from the colors, logo, layout and […]

The Gates

This flyer was created to promote a new construction community. My original plan was not to design a blue print desktop look, however the home rendering was of very poor quality.

Part of the challenge of a designer is to react to the materials I have to work with. For this project, I had to cover […]

Buy Your Boat a Dream Home

This postcard design was targeted specifically for high income families who were boat owners.  It was a preview ($500K+) property one of our associates was listing and the focal point was the location.  

The main attraction was the private dock & boat landing, so the sales associate wanted to focus on that in the postcard. […]

Heritage Plantation

This display ad was designed based on the location of this high end community.  It is way off the beaten path, away from the hustle of Myrtle Beach, and is surrounded by trees, lakes and wildlife. I wanted to capture that feeling and bring it to life in this ad.  

By using photo manipulation and […]

Long Term Rentals

This flyer was created for our Long Term Rentals division at Coldwell Banker Chicora Real Estate. The team wanted a piece that would give a brief overview of the company and all that they offer.

This flyer successfully accomplished that with the use of visuals, professional text and clean and simple layout.

Duke University Presentation

Sometimes a Powerpoint presentation just isn’t good enough, so in comes Prezi. For another presentation for Duke University, I wanted to go beyond just the typical slide, click, slide, click style of Powerpoint and open up a whole new world. With Prezi, I have the ability to really tell a story and take […]

The Hiring Pro Logo

The Hiring Pro is a professional staffing company targeting various industries in the Myrtle Beach area. I was hired to create a logo that clearly spoke to the audience. My client had a precise vision on how she wanted the logo to be designed and ultimately we fell in love with his logo. […]

Metropolitan at Lakeview

One of the more exciting projects I worked on while at Colliers International. AACRE properties was a company owned by our CEO and still was involved in commercial deals. This brochure design was still running off of an old AACRE branding and I was asked to develop a new brand look. (Pictured […]

North Hills Crossing

While working with Colliers International, I assisted the brokers in various marketing initiatives. This project was targeting a potential tenant for an open space in a multi-use shopping center. The intended use for this location was for a salon, so that heavily influenced my design.

Colliers has very strict branding policies, so while following […]

New Wave Logo

A newly formed social media group for young realtors wanted a logo to represent their group. The group was formed to help build a social network among aspiring realtors with a clear plan of action; to promote, share and develop conversation through social media on listings and real estate.

I wanted to develop a logo that […]

Chris Hanna Logo Design

Corporate logo design for Real Estate Sales Associate with Coldwell Banker Chicora. Chris Hanna wanted a logo to separate his business from the hefty competition in the market, while maintaining a crisp professional design.

Yauhannah Landing

This flyer was designed to promote a new community that had gorgeous lots available for custom building.  It really captured the area with a great mixture of color and photography.  It was also one of the first pieces where we used a QR code to add to the marketing.

Instant Information

This flyer was an update to an outdated design from years back.  The purpose was for it to be used during listing presentations to promote the different ways consumers can access property information.  This goal was achieved in a professional, yet simple manner, and was a huge improvement over our previous piece.

Duke University Presentation

While working for Colliers International Real Estate I had the opportunity to work on a presentation for Duke University. Our owner and CEO was set to make a pitch to offer various commercial services for Duke. This was to be a series of presentations and they needed a high level Powerpoint Presentation to […]

Harbor Freight Tools

This flyer was designed for a pitch to a prospective client, Harbor Frieght Tools, to lease space at Burlington Outlet Village.

I was provided all of the necessary data & market research to include in the flyer. My job was to take all of the data and develop a high-level layout. The primary […]

Grand Strand British Car Club Website

A colleague of mine wanted a website for his british car club. It needed to explain about the club, provide a page to showcase the members cars and also have a password protected sign in page for members.

Using WordPress, I created this website which perfectly achieved the clients requests. There is a gallery that beautifully […]

The Hiring Pro Website

The Hiring Pro is a staffing company located in Myrtle Beach, SC. The client wanted a modern looking website to promote to potential clients and job seekers.

By using WordPress, I built this stylish and clean looking website that is easily navigated for her clients. We went with a black and white look; made minimal pages; […]


For over a year I developed, wrote, designed and produced an actual board game. The idea came to me one day and I began to do research on how to enter into the gaming industry. I needed to develop a fully functional prototype and then reach to game brokers to review my game. If […]

Best of the Beach

Coldwell Banker Chicora has been honored multiple times with the Best of the Beach award for top Real Estate Agency. In 2012 we went to social media to encourage our fans to help us win again!

This graphic worked great for our social media campaign with a clear CTA. Anyone familiar to the Myrtle Beach […]

Colonial Wedding

This wedding invitation was designed for a wedding taking place in Colonial Williamsburg, so I wanted to make something as elegant as the town. 

The couple had a distinct color scheme for me to follow and they wanted the photo of the bridge incorporated. I carefully blended the elements together to create beautiful invitation they […]

Business Card Promo

A business card has to accomplish a lot for something that is only 3 inches wide. What other marketing tool is there that gives an immediate first impression?

For a recruiting ad concept, I focused on our Coldwell Banker business card and what comes with it. Our company has been around since 1972 and Coldwell […]


This sales associate wanted to say thank you to her past clients with the ope of generating new referrals.

She was open for a creative approach for this piece, so I developed the “chocolate” concept. The color scheme, visuals and strong messaging, effectively achieved her goal to say thank you, while playing to multiple senses for […]

Hillsborough Old Photo

Real estate advertising many times is…predictable. Slap on a home, a price and a floorplan and call it a day. Although that does work, it is nice to change it up sometimes.

Buying a house isn’t just about the structure. Sure the kitchen is nice and the color of the paint, but you also buying a […]

Buy Bank Owned

This ad concept was created for a sales associate that wanted to promote as being the “Go-To” man for bank owned property.  The idea was to create a visually interesting ad that could appeal to all types of people, but at the same time drive home the point of saving money.

The combination of the piggy […]

A Fall Wedding

A wedding is a special time, no matter what season. This wedding just happened to be in the fall and the bride & groom wanted a wedding invitation to remember. Utilizing a photograph from their engagement photo shoot, I implemented a beautiful fall scene into the background.

While staying in line with their color […]

The Park at Long Bay Swinging

Another conceptual ad for the Park at Long Bay community. This one focused on family and that all you need is right here.

This design shows a mom pushing her child on a swing and the tag line “There is No Line for This Ride”. The peaceful imagery and tagline suggest you can have all […]

Peace of Mind

This sales associate offered a service for her out of area clients that she would continually monitor their property. Occasional visits would assure the owners that the thermostat was properly set, the surrounded area was secure and just to keep an eye on an unoccupied property.

To convey her message she wanted to farm out to […]

What This Company Can Do For You

Recruiting is a big part of the real estate business. Finding new and experienced sales associates to add to your team is very important. We needed a brochure that clearly explains the benefits and value of choosing Coldwell Banker Chicora.

This 17 x 11 bi-fold brochure, is a clean and modern design piece that not only […]

The Park at Long Bay

This ad for The Park at Long Bay takes on a conceptual design. This community is tucked away around trees and away from all of busyness of Myrtle Beach. The selling point of the community is exactly that, you are close enough to the beach to drive there in a few minutes, but further […]

There is More Campaign

A sales associate with Coldwell Banker Chicora Real Estate wanted to develop a new postcard design. After talking with her about her goals and what direction to take, I began brainstorming the concept.

This a series of two postcards, with a common look and messaging. Each one begins with “There is more to…” The […]

Wedding Montage

After my wife and I’s wedding, we had all of our photos sitting around in both print and online. We put a few in frames and had a wedding album made, but we wanted to display them too.

So I had this idea as a surprise for my wife. I took some of our best photos […]